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Welcome to 086FaxNumbers.co.za

  • Receive a free 086 fax number
  • Receive faxes by email for free
  • Send faxes from your email using a pre-paid system from as little as 96cents per minute (ex VAT)
  • This service is available in South Africa only
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Answers to questions that people ask

Is the service really free?

Yes, your 086 number is free to use, and keep, as long as you use the service. There are no contracts and there no charges for you, the recipient. The sender does pay a higher call rate, which is set by Telkom.

Can I receive faxes from other countries, such as the UK or USA?

Yes, you are able to receive faxes from anyone - from anywhere in the world. The South African dialing code is +27 and your 086 fax number will therefore be as follows:

[code for dialing out of the original country] 2786 [the rest of your fax number]

Some countries, and companies within those countries, block fax numbers, and you may not be able to use this service.

Where do my faxes go to?

You receive your faxes directly in your email box. You use your existing email address. You do not need a different email address to receive faxes. You do not need a fax machine nor do you need paper to receive faxes, this means lower costs to you, and you save the environment.

Will I be able to print my faxes?

Yes, you can print faxes directly to your printer if required. The document is a standard pdf document which can be saved, forwarded and printed like any other pdf document.

How long does it take to activate the service?

Your fax number is activated immediately.

Can I use this service from the USA, Nigeria, UK, Australia, Zimbabwe, Namibia?

No, the service is available in South Africa only. You may send faxes to an 086 number from any country, but you cannot use the 086 number in another country.

However, you may receive faxes abroad if someone faxes you in South Africa.


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